Our cash advance process is 100% online and hassle free. We provide instant approval of your loan by simply filling our online application form. You can get up to $1000 even you have a bad credit score.

Payday Loans Online How SpeedyMoneyLoans Works

With a payday loan, you obtain an instrument that makes it easier to encounter budget crisis and obstacles. It is a good way out whenever a person need to borrow around $100-$1000 without numerous efforts and paperwork. Although these types of loans are followed by higher interest rates, they might be an ultimate financial solution in the short run, as you will only have to pay the bill once.

Additional payday benefits include ease of applying, fast processing and availability online. You may not even leave your apartment to get a necessary sum. Simply choose a lender online and make sure you have all necessary info to submit.

Websites like made the process even easier! From this moment, you are not forced to surf the net for hours in search of a reputable lender. Moreover, there is always a chance to be misled by fake companies. provides a huge lenders’ database linking most trusted payday loan companies with users seeking extra cash online. The process is extremely simple, fast and intuitive. Applicants can get their cash almost instantly!

How to Choose a Proper Lender

If you still prefer looking for the lender on your own, finding a proper one is a foremost step. You can use numerous websites and payday loan offers on the web. At the same time, you can opt for offline companies that are located in your borough. Online services look more preferable due to various reasons:
– Speed – it is faster to get a loan using online websites;
– Security – digital security in the face of SSL-encryption and HTTPS protocols appears to be more effective if compared with offline safety means;
– Fast Approval – online services guarantees almost instant approval with no additional efforts and paperwork;
– Bad credit – poor credit rate is no longer a problem when it comes to applying for a loan online.

If you want to benefit from the above-mentioned hits, you need to collect as much info about a lender as you can. This is where reviews and testimonials may come in handy. Websites like save your time and offer a selection of trusted and authorized lenders that are 100% safe. All you need is to have a full pack of info to submit.

General Info to Submit

Finally, a trusted lender is found! It is high time you started an application process. As it was mentioned before, you may take all steps online without leaving your office or apartment. Most lenders and organizations establish almost the same requirements. However, they may differ from state to state, from country to country. All can find the detailed description of the info to submit on the lender’s website. As a rule, it includes:
– Proof of your personality (the copy of ID or driving license);
– A clear and steady income (monthly salary);
– A banking account that is still valid;
– 18+ Age;
– Any possible witnessing of the fact that you are NOT a bankrupt (if your credit score is very-very low).

Apart from the issues below, we recommend opening a blank check as a proof to the lender that you are going to pay the bill on time. Once you have checked the required info, let’s get started with the application process itself.

Steps to Apply for a Payday Loan Online

At some point, applying for a payday loan online is similar to the procedure in the offline office. The first thing everyone would do is checking all the fees and the level of interest rates. At least, that would be a wise step. You need to have a clear vision of how much you are going to pay ion the end. It will let you cope with your costs and save enough money to cover the debt when the time comes.

The same thing is with online payday loans. Make sure you read all the information carefully. Don’t miss the slightest point and issue when reading about interest rates, fees and extra charges that may occur. Also, check the amount of fine in case you miss the payment timeframe. Keep in mind that some lenders establish additional fees for the effort to apply for a loan. They mostly include third parties or brokers. For this reason, applying for a direct payday lender can seem to be less expensive. The application process consists of the following steps:

– Complete a simple registration on the website;
– Submit all required info and copies of the documents if necessary;
– Send the copies and wait for the approval;
– Get your money to the account in case of approval.

The entire procedure will hardly take you more than 10-15 minutes. It may take a lender from 2 to 24 days to review your application and approve it. The money will be transferred instantly after the approval.

How to Repay a Payday Loan

It is always great to know that your application has been approved. You feel the financial relief and ready for new challenges. This is where most people forget about the Day X when they will have to repay the loan.

Applicants need to clearly understand that advanced cash payday loans differ from traditional loans. You will need to pay the bill on the next payday only once, while conventional loans require following the monthly schedule. In other words, you need to do your best and reserve a necessary some for the payday. Otherwise, you will be forced to overpay due to fines and rate changes.

If you still fail to repay by the deadline, most lenders provide extra 12-14 days to cover the debt. Of course, the rates and conditions will be a bit different from the initial ones. On the other hand, it is your last chance to avoid consequences that are more dreadful resulting in another budget disaster. A good idea is to pay off the debt a bit earlier. Not only will it improve your credit rate, but also encourage lenders to provide new loans in future.